Clogged pores and acne skin draining self esteem.

You want to look pretty like the model on magazine (Ahmm…Photoshop does wonders!) Thinking the acne/pimples on the skin making it impossible to achieve baby flawless skin. Make up won’t help much besides a cakey and bumpy face. How??? Take care your body from INSIDE OUT. With proper care, it’s achievable and possible to have flawless skin.

Take this simple quiz to find out if you are acne prone.

Question 1:-
You get breakouts after a full day of wearing make up. A. Always
B. Sometime
C. Never
Question 2:-
You wash your face in the morning and gets oily again by A. Morning
B. Lunch
C. Late Evening
Question 3:-
A new zit pops almost once every: A. Day
B. Fortnight
C. Month
Question 4:-
Your face prone to breakouts if you use a cream-based mostrurizer A. Very True
B. Quite true
C. Not True
Question 5:-
Your skin feels sensitive after using a scrub. A. Very true
B. Quite true
C. Not true

If you answered mostly A’s
You could already be suffering from a mild case of acne. This condition can worsen if you don’t start caring for your skin immediately.

If you answered mostly B’s
Don’t worry. It is natural to occasionally get a pimple or two. Try to keep stress levels down as this can also cause zits. Make sure you stick to a good skincare regime.

If you answered mostly C’s
Congratulations! You have a relatively good complexion that is problem-free. Maintain your clear skin by eating right and practising a good skincare regime.


Common Cause of Acne

Many factors that can trigger acne/pimples on the skin. It could be lethal combination of stress, anxiety and lack of sleep, smoke, alcohol, sweat, bad facial wash regime and etc

  • Hormones are the number one cause of acne.

    During puberty, skin produces extra sebum mixes with commmon skin bacteria and dead skincells that have been shed from the lining of the follicle, clogging of the pores begin – which eventually leads to acne.

  • Stress can aggravate acne by bringing on fluctuating hormone levels in the body.

    With hormonal changes, the body prompts the skin’s oil glands to enlarge, secreting more oil, which causes whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.

  • Heavy make-up clogs the pores.

    It worsens the condition if you already have oily skin. So try to minimise wearing make-up for long periods of time and be sure to cleanse thoroughly afterwards.

  • Picking and squeezing

    Your itchy fingers on the pimple can actually sends the infection deeper into the skin (resulting in more flare-ups) and can cause scarring. So hands off!

  • Environmental irritants

    High humidity and pollution can irritate the skin and cause blocked pores. Well, hot yoga is not so good if you have skin problems!

  • Acne is also partly hereditary,

    So…… if you have a family member who suffer from acne,chances are you could suffer from it too!

  • Be clean always!

    Dirty,unhygienic make up tools, hair products and certain medications can also cause acne..

  • Too much unhealthy and oily junk foods..

    It can lead to unhealthy skin, so keep your diet healthy by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.


How to prevent acne.

  • Drink plenty of H2O!

    Drink plenty of water throughout the day, Water allows your skin to ‘breathe” and flush out the oils that clog pores.

  • Keep face clean.

    Keep your face clean by washing it twice a day with gentle solution designed to care for blemish prone skin.

  • Don’t over scrub your skin.

    Over scrub will only cause further irritation and make your more prone to breakouts.

  • Wash your bedding!

    Avoid transferring bacteria and germs to your face by keeping your pillowcase, washcloths, towels, make up brushes and applicators clean. Keep your tools clean by washing them in anti-bacterial soup or clarifying shampoo.

  • Clean up your phone.

    Keep your phone’s receiver and writing instruments away from your chin and clean them often

  • Wash off makeup before bedtime.

    Avoid wearing heavy makeup for long periods of time and always wash it off before going to bed.

  • Reduce stress and sleep well.

    Try to keep you stress levels low and get plenty of sleep. Don’t neglect your skincare routine and take time for preventive maintenance of your pimples will return with a vengeance Try yoga!.

  • Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.

    You should incorporate at least seven servings of fruits and veggies in your daily diet. Also avoid heavy consumptions of alcohol and coffee and stay away from junk foods.

  • Watch out your water temperature

    Avoid washing your face with water that is either too hot or cold as it could dry out your skin. Lukewarm water is best as it will also open up pores for deeper cleansing.

  • Take deep fresh air!

    Get plenty of fresh air and incorporate exercise into your daily routine..

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