Where To Eat The Best Healthy Salad in Singapore!

Salad is super food of paradise for everyone. It heals your body, mind, soul and is the type of foods that will help you to live healthily. Never failed to heal me…

Personally I believe in healthy eating! A bowl of colourful healthy salad keeps the doctor away.That’s right, if you incorporate a colourful fruits and vegetables in your diet, then you’ll be well on your way to a well-rounded and nutritious diet. It can save you a significant amount on your medical bills..

Eating healthy is easy now. If you have no time to prepare, you can hop in to one of these salad stalls and order yourself a bowl of healthy colourful salad!


Country : Singapore
Location : ION ORCHARD, VIVOCITY www.tossnturnsalad.com/locations/
Online Order : Available. www.tossnturnsalad.com/menu/
Min Price of Salad : $10
My Rating : 5 Stars I love TOSS & TURN so much because it serves a variety of good quality vegetables and proteins, especially the marinated mushrooms and omelette. Also what attracts me is their healthy smoothie. It’s not only healthy but pretty and yummy too. Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil are available at the corner of the restaurant for you to refill as much as you want. Located at the 2 big malls in Singapore, ION ORCHARD AND VIVOCITY. Online Order service available for busy salad lovers.


Country : Singapore
Location : www.saladstop.com.sg/en/locations/
Online Order : Available. www.saladstop.com.sg/en/menu/
Min Price : NA
My Rating : 4 Stars! Serving variety of good quality vegetables and meats. All outlets strategically located in the heart of downtown and business districts in Singapore. What I like about Salad Stop is that it offers online order service and deliver them to your doorstep.

Simply Wrapps

Country : Singapore
Location : Singapore only. Total 7 outlets around Singapore Find the nearest outlet around you
Online Order : Available. www.simplywrapps.com/events/
Min Price : $3
My Rating : 4 Stars Simply Wrapps offers 5 different choices of wraps, 50+ of different delicious toppings and +18 different tasty healthy dressings. Variety of dressing, fresh cut vegetables and proteins for you to choose! You will be spoiled for choices at the moment you step into simply wrapps. You can download SIMPLYWRAPPS APPS to collect points and redeem your favourite salad. DOWNLOAD APP HERE


Country : 43,802 SUBWAY restaurants in 112 countries [View list of countries]
Location : Singapore only. Total 50 outlets around Singapore Find the nearest outlet around you
Online Order : Not Available.
Min Price : $4.70
My Rating : 3 Stars SUBWAY is one of the most successful healthy fast food restaurant and it’s strategically located almost at every corner of shopping mall. So if you feel like having healthy meal, just hop in to any major malls and you will see SUBWAY! – Convenient location and reasonable price too.

Delicious Popiah

Country : Singapore.
Location : Singapore only. Total 10 stalls around Singapore Find the nearest outlet around you
Online Order : Available. https://fortunefood.sg/shop
Min Price : $1.50 (Retail)
My Rating : 5 Stars I like all popiah but this is the best popiah I’ve tried in Singapore so far. I tried the one at Bedok Kopitiam but don’t worry they have many other outlets if Bedok is too far for you. The popiah skin is neither too wet nor too hard. Every bite is so good and very yummy to chew. The popiah taste is awesome and I never get enough of it. I can eat many many rolls at one time. They not only sell popiah but other varieties too.

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